Welcome to VINCENTSTONE.COM. This site offers original artwork, reproductions of art, posters, and high-quality prints. Publications include "Put Down the Brush, and Step Away from the Painting!", and "Paintings on the Reverse Side of Glass" which depict two distinct styles of VINCENT’S work, and a selection of images that are available for usage rights for your graphic design needs. Through Imagekind, you're offered a full range of options from inexpensive posters to high-end professional quality prints with the option of adding a frame and/or matte for a completed work of art using Imagekind's easy to use drop-down menus. I have used this service many times to test their quality, and guarantee you'll be impressed with the quality and promptness of the delivery of your order. Having been in the art business for over 20 years, I can say that Imagekind will surprise you, but there's noting like an original! All works in our gallery are originals available for sale and lease.

VINCENT'S recently inspired series entitled "A.D.," or "AFTER DEATH" explores a darker side of creation, and is targeted toward businesses and homes with large walls to display these extraordinary original works of art. If you don't have the space for one, they will soon be available at IMAGEKIND through our "PRINTS" tab. We encourage you to purchase a smaller reproduction of the art you're interested in to help you decide it that's the right work for you. Most art is purchased for decorating purposes, and we're not offended by that. Finding out what your needs are will help us to make suggestions for you. We guarantee your satisfaction with a thirty-day money back guarantee minus shipping costs, so it's a low risk purchase for you. We want you to be happy.

VINCENTSTONE.COM allows you to explore offered media, including the TWELVE-story virtual gallery, thanks to, with the option of listening to relaxing music from our MP3 Player on the HOME PAGE of our WIX Gallery. Volume can be adjusted, or you can simply pause the player and view the Gallery floors in silence.  Learn about the artist while exploring the imagery of VINCENT'S  work. Thank you for visiting, and please CONTACT US for any additional information you may require. JEFFREY STEELE is our sales representative, and would be happy to help you.

We strive to understand your individual needs, and can recommend a work of art that will compliment your targeted environment. If you want to provide us with a photograph of the space you're considering, we can superimpose the image you're considering into the photo and get that back to you in order to give you a better idea of how the artwork would look in that space. We're looking forward to uniting you with the art object that will suite your unique and individual needs.



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